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Contract Ease

Control costs, reduce risks and deliver service excellence with a vendor and contract management program to automate processes and provide real-time reporting.

Hire, onboard, pay and manage contractors with compliance and ease

Hire international contractors to reduce your administrative burden, and gain the flexibility. Our vendor management program automates processes and provides real-time reporting offering you a seamless and secure solution to manage contractors.

Valueleaf helps you manage payments and invoices in multiple currencies for faster and easier global payouts. Our legal team ensures contracts are tailored to local labour laws in each country assuring you of compliance to local law that protects you and your contract workers.

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Why choose Valueleaf?

Valueleaf’s vendor management services help you eliminate any guesswork in your international contractor invoicing and payments. We take care of everything about your contractors from recruitment to onboarding and everything else including contracts, invoicing and payments.

We don’t just help you improve your efficiency in managing vendors but also reduce any manual errors with automation and real-time reporting. We help you find and hire contractors with specialized skills so that you can focus on your core business while we manage your vendor relationships.


Global Presence

With our owned-entity and partner network in 150+ countries you don’t have to work with multiple providers when you expand operations into new countries.


Digital and Humane Experience

We provide a digital and humane contractor experience apart from our complete bouquet of benefits to your employees and contractors.


Faster, Seamless and Optimized Hiring

Hire faster in a new country and onboard professionals of your choice without waiting for weeks or months.


100% Compliance with HR and Legal Guidance

Be compliant with the local employment and taxation laws in 150+ countries with our expert HR and legal guidance.


Global Talent Acquisition

Our dedicated in-house recruitment team can help you identify the right talent and take care of the complete employee lifecycle requirements.


Accurate Payroll with AI & Automation

Our AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation helps transform traditional HR solutions ensuring accurate payment and simplified taxes.

Your Expert Vendor Management Partner

Valueleaf can help you deliver a superior contractor experience by ensuring a smooth onboarding experience, simplified invoicing, and accurate, on-time payments. We help you avoid any headaches with red tape with expert vetted, fully-compliant contracts. Our vendor management programs makes it easy for you to view, manage and pay invoices.

Get the advantage of our Vendor Management Services