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Your Guide to Hiring Employees and

Contractors in Hungary

Capital city



Hungarian forint (Ft, HUF)



Ease of doing business

Very easy

Payroll frequency


Employer taxes



Monthly Payroll

Salaries must be paid on a monthly basis.

Minimum Wage Requirements:

Hungary differentiates between the minimum wage and the guaranteed minimum wage.

The guaranteed minimum wage only applies to full-time employees hired for jobs that require at least a secondary school qualification or secondary vocational qualification

The guaranteed minimum wage is 260,000 HUF gross/month.

Individual Income Tax:

The individual income tax in Hungary is 15%. Income tax is calculated using a flat rate. 

Employer Cost:

The employer cost is generally estimated at 13.0% of the employee salary.

Social Contribution Tax – 13.0%

Working Hours

Work Week

Monday to Friday.

Overtime Pay & Maximum Hours

Overtime payment is mandatory. Employees can work a maximum of 4 hours of overtime daily and 8 hours of overtime weekly.

Employment Termination

Employers in Hungary are usually required to provide a reason (in writing) to every employee being terminated.

Notice period:

To terminate an employee in Hungary, the employer must provide advance notice of between 30-90 days. 

Probation periods:

In Hungary, the maximum probation period is three months. After the probationary period ends, the employee is considered a full employee and entitled to all the protections of Hungarian labor law.

These details are subject to change by the respective government and regulatory authorities in each country.