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Contingent Workforce Management

Recruit and manage your contingent workforce with niche skill sets to scale rapidly on demand to maximise savings and ensure employee satisfaction.

Build resilient and agile businesses with a well-managed, highly skilled, flexible workforce

The gig economy is growing and post-COVID the contingent workforce is only growing as people are looking at remote work options or flexibility. When it comes to managing your contingent workforce, you need to get it right so that you don’t find your competitive talent pool shrinking.

Your contingent workforce allows you to scale up or down based on demand but it also offers the greatest challenge. With such a wide variety of contingent workers, the variety of sectors, locations and roles means that you need to ensure that your workforce is employed compliantly.

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Why choose Valueleaf?

We help you with services to manage your highly-skilled gig workforce so that you have the flexibility to adapt in the future. At Valueleaf, we help with your contingent workforce recruitment and vendor management with our expert knowledge of compliance requirements, vendor management and technology platforms. We reduce risk to compliance by proper classification and verification of workers, cost savings with increased efficiency. We deliver a superior worker experience through on-demand pay and technology automation.


Global Presence

With our owned-entity and partner network in 150+ countries you don’t have to work with multiple providers when you expand operations into new countries.


Digital and Humane Experience

We provide a digital and humane contractor experience apart from our complete bouquet of benefits to your employees and contractors.


Faster, Seamless and Optimized Hiring

Hire faster in a new country and onboard professionals of your choice without waiting for weeks or months.


100% Compliance with HR and Legal Guidance

Be compliant with the local employment and taxation laws in 150+ countries with our expert HR and legal guidance.


Global Talent Acquisition

Our dedicated in-house recruitment team can help you identify the right talent and take care of the complete employee lifecycle requirements.


Accurate Payroll with AI & Automation

Our AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation helps transform traditional HR solutions ensuring accurate payment and simplified taxes.

Your Contingent Workforce Management Partner

Contingent Workforce Management is critical to ensure success when the future is about the gig economy. Valueleaf can help you not just recruit your contingent workforce, we also help you manage them in full compliance with the local laws, regulations and tax rules of the country of operation. With our coverage that spans more than 150 countries, Valueleaf supports your business with contingent workforce management services.

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